Beach School

We are now into our 4th year of Beach school. Some of the things we get up to on our beach school sessions include, collecting and identify the different things we have found on the beach.  Identifying the different tracks and prints we find in the sand, as well as rock pooling and climbing sand dunes. A significant aspect of beach school is learning about pollution and damage to our environment and nature, by plastic and other harmful aspects of human waste. Every session begins with a beach school clean up , collecting plastic, cans, and other rubbish left by humans on the beach. We discuss the harm it does to nature and how we can try to dispose of our rubbish better and not use so much disposable products.

 We have also made photographic maps of our journeys to the beach, to incorporate use of ICT, looking at signs, environmental print and relevant features of our route to the beach. We  collect lots of interesting shells, driftwood  and sea weeds which we bring back to nursery. To make things and add to our workshop experience outdoors in our garden. The children have made mobiles and wall hangings with the different objects and we are working towards undertaking more beach art projects with Mr Morrow. There are lots of things to do and explore. We will also learn how to stay safe on the beach, looking at the RNLI station, who to call for help, how to tell the emergency services which beach we are on and safety on the promenade. We go on environmental walks to explore our immediate environment, the shops and businesses, we also look at the older features of the promenade, like the pier, war memorials and bandstands. We can only make these exciting and valuable outings with the help of parent volunteers. So if you would like to help and have some free time we would be very grateful. Please speak to a member of staff and they will provide more information. You don’t need to commit to weekly help, but you will just be added to a database of volunteers and contacted by email and if you can help great…if your busy no problem either. We cant do it without you so please get in touch if you would like to help.

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