Current themes & future plans

“Emotional well being”- We will be continuing to focus on well being and encouraging the children to understand their feelings and the feelings of others , we have created many areas throughout the nursery which enable children to explore emotions and facial expression and the vocabulary concerned with generating a better understanding of this topic.

“All about me”- We will continue to learn about each other, our families and homes. where we live and how we get to nursery, who lives with us and members of our families and the things we do together. Encouraging eveyone to share news about themselves and families, photos and celebrations.

Beach School-We will start beach school quite quickly (within a few weeks of the new term) and begin our adventures at the beach, learning about many aspects of our extended local environment. We will start with understanding about staying safe and the rules we have to follow whilst enjoying the freedom of the beach.

We learn about the objects, creatures, plants and wildlife. We will learn to understand about pollution, and re-cycling and how we can look after our planet, carrying out beach cleaning and discussions on the rubbish and pollution we find, how we can change our habits and re-use some items to make us less wasteful.

Dance- Miss Mel joins us on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning for a half hour dance session, which involves many routines over the term, promotimg co-ordination, and control and balance listening skills and following instructions, and learning how to combine different movements and move to the music.

Mr Morrow-  continues to visit us during the week, bringing incredible musical experiences, art projects and inventions.  His sessions are exciting and creative and the children look forward to his visits, as we never know what to expect.

This coming term we will be learning about “Growing”, we will be planting seeds and plants and vegetable tops, to learn about how things grow and how we can care for our garden, we will undertake regular weeding sessions, to keep our garden looking tidy and well cared for.

We will learn about St.Georges Day, making flags, reading stories, and actibg out stories, and thinking about dragons.

The Coronation is going to be a big event so we talk about this and learn about our new King and the traditions surrounding this unique event.