Parents as partners

Learning and development

We really rely on parent information to help us support children’s learning and development. It is really  important that parents share information from home as it helps us develop a working partnership and keep learning relevant to the children’s unique experiences and interests. It is essential for effective communication, that parents share all kinds of information that ensure we are  able to support the children at nursery. Whether it be  a new baby, a special event or house move. It is really helpful that you let us know.  We hold regular drop-ins with your Key Person to allow us to regularly communicate in a specific way to set relevant targets, address concerns and ensure effective 2 way communication. It is essential that parents attend these sessions and liaise effectively with their key person to make this a supportive and beneficial  relationship.

Contact Details

It is also essential to tell us of new personal information, such as new email  or home address or phone numbers . This means we can keep our records updated and keep you informed of nursery news.


Volunteers and Parent helpers.

We rely heavily on parents and friends and grandparents , to enable us to leave the nursery setting to go on outings, to church services, the library, and other external events. We also need regular volunteers to help us with Beach school  on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings 9am -11.30am and our new venture of Residential Care home visits which will take place on a Monday afternoon.1.15pm-2.30pm.

If you have any free time and would like to help we are desperate for volunteers, to help us  ensure these fantastic events to go ahead. We prefer to have a high ratio of adults on outings , both for safety and for quality of the visit so that adults and children can share their experiences. Which is why we don’t use the “tag-along” system which allows for a lower staff ratio. Please speak to a member of staff if you would like to support us with these activities.