St.Thomas’ Church

We like to get out in the local community to meet new people and learn about our immediate environment. We have been visiting our partner church to attend regular Nursery Praise Services arranged by Father Chris Scargill,  all children are welcome to attend, with their parents (if it is not their nursery day) This is a good idea to attend when considering your application for a school place.

The local Library

We also visit the local library to take part in story and activity sessions, which will resume when the library re-opens, until this happen we may invite the library to visit us instead. The library is a fabulous local resource and welcomes young children to become interested in reading, sharing books and stories and hopefully develop literacy and reading skills.

Beach school

We get out to the beach at least once a week. We access the dunes and the beach front area, engaging in a variety of planned activities that help us to learn about our local area, care for the environment and extending our learning experience.

Residential Care Homes and meeting those form an older generation

We have started to regularly visit a local residential care home, to meet new people and learn more about different generations. We can listen to each other and share our experiences. We have been visiting now for a few weeks, we are making lovely new friends, sharing songs and stories. We have also taken baked treats to share and also brought treats back to nursery from the home. This venture with Porrit House, is proving to be very successful and a really positive experience for everyone involved. We may extend our visits to other residential homes so we can visit on other days.