Playing & learning outdoors


Our children have access to the outdoors at all times of the day. This allows children to play where they are happiest and most confident; the outdoors is simply an extension of the learning environment, being outdoors has an equally positive impact on child’s development and well-being. Children can explore on a larger scale, be physically challenged, encouraged to take controlled risk and make decisions.

Our outdoors offers the opportunities to experience the seasons, the weather and get closer to the natural world, allowing our children to be physically active and have the freedom to explore. It is our hope that through our outdoor provision they will experience a sense of limitless adventure and excitement within a safe and nurturing outdoor space.

Your child will need a waterproof, practical coat at all times as we play and explore outside in all weathers. We provide waterproof trousers but your child will require a pair of wellies and spare clothes which must left at nursery all the time.
Take a look at our gallery for photos of our outdoor learning experiences.