The skills of a junk modelling project

The joy of Junk !!!
Currently we are going through a prolific period of junk modelling. We know that sometimes Mummy’s and Daddy’s are not always keen to take home the endless piles of recycled bits and bobs , re-invented by the children into a million different structures. We appreciate that often these works of art, are clutter and not the most attractive, but if we could just share with you the effort and engagement that it took to make this new model that your child is so proud of you would be so proud too….. 🙂
To observe as they carefully select the box or container, deciding and planning what to make or simply picking the best or biggest box and spontaneously creating a whirlwind object or changing their ideas as it evolves and different ideas come into their heads.
To watch as the children work out which glue to use , wet , roll-on or paste, dry pritt sticks, to connect the bits and bobs together. Watching as they struggle to keep it all together, to watch in bafflement as a bottle top eye or wheel slides down the box and working out you might need to use something different to make it stick experimenting with different ideas and tools. Tongues sticking out in concentration, asking friends or grown ups for help, sharing equipment and taking turns with resources. Looking in drawers and cupboards for just the right accessory and detail to add to their design. Using different equipment, pens and hole punches, sticky tape dispensers and scissors are tricky for small hands and it might take teamwork to get the right amount of tape, to get it wrong and watch it wind around their fingers and crinkle up into a tangled mess…. But they persist…..
The children often spend long periods in workshop, engaged for long periods of time really involved and passionate about their art projects. Busy artists and constructers who are learning such a lot from these activities. Busy learners, problem solvers, inventors , working out how they can produce a model and often re-visiting it over days at nursery where they keep experimenting and perfecting their methods and their designs.
We just wanted to share their experiences with you……..Thanks 😉

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