Our Pets


At nursery we have a variety of pets which we encourage the children to care for. They will feed them and clean then out and will be able to take some of the animals home for a weekend. This is very important as for some children this will be their only contact with an animal.

We have 3 chickens (Dora, Dilly and Delilah) and we bake with the eggs they lay. We also have  goldfish, a tortoise called Doris.

We have a lovely nature area at the back of the nursery with a pond and lots of exciting wildlife including frogs and plenty of bugs,. We get a variety of birds which we feed regularly and a little mouse who lives in our discovery shed. We have had visits from robins, tits of different varieties, chaffinches etc. and they have also nested in our nesting  box, which was fascinating and the children were able to observe from inside the nursery through a large window which has been fitted especially.