Supporting families

Here at St.Thomas’ Nursery, we like to ensure we are supporting families as much as possible. We actively encourage parent involvement and make ourselves very accessible for general communication at the beginning and end of the day. We appreciate these times are busy but we will always prioritise time for conversation whenever necessary. If you require a more formal conversation we can arrange this as soon as mutually possible.

We will offer support for all aspects of childcare and development , from potty training, dietary concerns, sleepless nights, as well as more major concerns and support should they arise. We really embrace  2 way communication between nursery and home, and hope that the relationship you develop with nursery and our staff are helpful and supportive.

Here are some useful websites for supporting your child’s learning and development at home.

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‘Chat, play, read’ ideas to improve the home learning environment
– YouTube video to share with parents

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Tips for parents to support their child at home (