Are you eligible for 15 hours nursery for your 2 year old ? Or working family tax credit to help with nursery fees?


AND ………Did you know that if you are eligible for Working Family Tax Credit, you can claim for up to 80% of your child care costs, regardless of your child’s 15 hours’ entitlement hours’ entitlement?

So, if you are thinking of increasing your child’s hours at nursery it could help with your fees considerably.

Free childcare, 15 and 30 hours entitlement

If anyone thinks they may be eligible for government funded childcare after the Easter Break please let your key person know. We will need your eligibility code in readiness for the next headcount after Easter. If you are unsure about your eligibility you can access the following websites for more information, so you don’t miss out on free childcare.
• Childcare choices – Official Site

• 30 Hours of Free Childcare –
To view 30 hours free childcare related documents including national guidance publications and a range of support materials such as posters.


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