Parent Information and Term Dates

Below you can find some useful information and guides which can be saved or printed out as required.

St Thomas’ Nursery Information Leaflets:

Introduction to EYFS, A Parent’s Guide

Key Person, A Good Practice Guide

Inclusion, A Good Practice Guide

Home Visit, A Good Practice Guide

Parent’s Guide to ‘drop in’ sessions; learning, development, progress & assessment.

Parent’s Guide to ‘School readiness’ & what it really means!

A Parent’s Guide to Signing.

Outdoor Play

Sharing Books, A Good Practice Guide

Introduction to a child’s brain & how we can keep the brain happy

Schemas, Information for Parent’s & Carers.

Working Together to Safeguard Children

Holiday List 2021-2022

Autumn Term 2021

Friday 3rd September → Friday 22nd October
1 Week Holiday
Monday 1st November → Friday 17th December
2 Weeks Holiday

Spring term 2022

Monday 4 th January → Friday 11th February
1 Week Holiday
Monday 21st February → Friday 5th April
2 Weeks Holiday

Summer term 2022

Monday 20th April → Friday 20th May
2 Weeks Holiday
Monday 6th June → Monday 25th July

Nursery will also be closed on Friday 2nd  May 2020

Tuesday 26th July 2022 Owls Leavers Beach Trip