Parent Information and Term Dates

Below you can find some useful information and guides which can be saved or printed out as required.

St Thomas’ Nursery Information Leaflets:

Introduction to EYFS, A Parent’s Guide

Key Person, A Good Practice Guide

Inclusion, A Good Practice Guide

Home Visit, A Good Practice Guide

Parent’s Guide to ‘drop in’ sessions; learning, development, progress & assessment.

Parent’s Guide to ‘School readiness’ & what it really means!

A Parent’s Guide to Signing.

Outdoor Play

Sharing Books, A Good Practice Guide

Introduction to a child’s brain & how we can keep the brain happy

Schemas, Information for Parent’s & Carers.

Working Together to Safeguard Children

Holiday List September 2017 to July 2019
Open Days are for parents who wish to enrol a child or have a child about to start nursery.
Monday 4th December 2017 (4pm – 6pm)

Autumn Term 2017

Monday 4th September ——————– 8 weeks + 1 day ———————- Friday 27th October
1 week holiday
Monday 6th November ——————— 6 weeks + 4 days ——————– Friday 22nd December
2 weeks + 1 day holiday

Everyone is in Friday 22nd December 2017 as this is our nursery Nativity (owls taking part only, other children watching with parents) and Christmas party for ALL nursery children.

Spring term 2018

Monday 8th January ————————— 5 weeks ———————- Friday 9th February
1 week holiday
Monday 19th February ———————— 5 weeks ———————-Friday 23rd March
2 weeks holiday

Summer term 2018

Monday 9th April ——————————– 5 weeks —————————– Friday 25th May
2 weeks holiday
Monday 11th June ————————– 5 week + 1 days ———————– Monday 23rd July

Nursery will also be closed on Monday 7th May
Tuesday 24th July we will go on our Owls end of year Beach trip.

Autumn Term 2018

Monday 3rd September———————–7 Weeks——————Friday 19th October

   1 Week Holiday

Monday 29th October————————–8 weeks—————Friday 21st December (Nativity and Christmas Party)

Spring term 2019

Monday 7th January————————-6 Weeks—————- Friday 15th February

1 Week Holiday

Monday 25th February———————-7 Weeks—————-Friday 12th April

2 Weeks Holiday

Summer term  2019

Monday 29th April ————————–4 Weeks ——————-Friday 24th May

   2 Weeks Holiday

Monday  10th June————————-6 weeks and 1 day————Monday 22nd July

Nursery will be closed on Monday 6th May 2019

23rd July 2019 OWLS end of year Beach trip.