Current themes & future plans

January to February 2018.

This term we will be exploring the concept of People who help us and everyday super heroes.
We will use the floor book to explore the children’s understanding of “people who help us” and the jobs that people do in the community, as well as the things our own families do for us.

In addition we will think about superheroes, super powers and encourage the children to be inventive and creative around this topic, both in mark making area making up stories and cartoons, as well as discovery area , making accessories to help us act out super hero play.

We always think about the world around us, the weather and what is happening in the garden during winter time.
We are also encouraging the children to think about , Water, how we use it, get it , keep it clean and not pollute or waste it. How water is used in other countries, our oceans rivers and lakes.
Beach school will continue as will our care home visits .