Current themes & future plans

September -October  2018.

This term we will be settling our new children. Will encourage the children to learn about bears and bring their own favourite bears to nursery , we will have a bear activity week and teddy bears picnics too.

We will talk about ourselves and our feelings, encouraging understanding of emotions and facial expressions. Learning to recognise other peoples facial expressions and show compassion and care and concern for others. In our focus on faces we will also create self portraits looking at different portrait artists and their styles of work. We will share this with the residents of Poritt house and display our art work in the children’s gallery.

Later into the term we will touch on hibernation and in particular our pet tortoise Doris who will go to sleep for the winter, some time this term.

We will learn about Harvest and celebrate with school in church at a family centred family service 7th October 10am St.Thomas Church

The seasonal focus will be on autumn, the changing leaves and colours and the weather.

We always think about the world around us, the weather and what is happening in the garden during the different seasons.
We are also encouraging the children to think about , Water, how we use it, get it , keep it clean and not pollute or waste it. How water is used in other countries, our oceans rivers and lakes. With special focus on plastic pollution the damage it is doing to our environment, coastlines, and wildlife.
Beach school will continue as will our care home visits .