Current themes & future plans

This term we will be continuing to focus on well being and encouraging the children to understand their feelings and the feelings of others , we have created many areas throughout the nursery which enable children to explore emotions and facial expression and the vocabulary concerned with generating a better understanding of this topic.

We will celebrate the children’s experiences of the Queens jubilee when we return to nursery after the May holiday.

We will learning all about bees and pollination and how important these creatures are to our environment.

We will focus some time on Our Daddy’s and talk about how special they are , making cards and gifts for Fathers day.

Alongside this we will be observing the world around us and the changing seasons. Thinking about  our immediate nursery garden environment, watching the bulbs sprout and the stems turn into flowers, thinking about how things grow.We will spend time watching the birds that come into our garden,and observe them as they begin to collect materials for nests and feeding their young. We will try and recreate nests, both indoors and out, using natural materials, just like the birds are doing. We will spend time in the Nature Garden, waiting for signs of change, especially in the pond, where we hope to see our tadpoles change into frogs . We will start to plant a few vegetables in our garden allotment area, and begin to talk about our fire pit area, and learning safe rules, so that we can begin to make food and use the area for stories.

We will be encouraging the Owls in promoting “school readiness” working on skills that will help their transition to school a easier process, providing parents with top tips and advice to help their children make a smooth transition.