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Healthy Teeth

How can I look after my Child’s Teeth In the North of England Particularly Blackpool, it is reported that our children have the worst tooth decay in the UK. We have put together some tips to help promote healthy dental hygiene in very young children. Please take a look so we can all work together […]

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school readiness

This phrase has a lot of different meaning to a lot of different people. We would really like parents to get a more uniform and consistent idea of what this means and its significance to your child’s transition into school.  We will be making this a real focus over the next few months at both parent Action groups […]

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Nurturing and Developing Independence

At St. Thomas Nursery we really celebrate a “can do” attitude. We really believe with support and encouragement very young children can learn to do lots of things for themselves. We allow the children to undertake “grown up tasks”, such as food preparation, washing up, collecting their own bits and bobs and generally doing lots […]

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