Beach School

I just thought I would touch base with everyone and give you all some updates about Beach School and our future plans. Currently we can still go on outings in small groups. Whilst we are out, we take all necessary precautions, with regard to safety . We will explore the beach and instilling the Beach School “Safe rules” during our initial sessions and this will continue throughout, as we slowly add new experiences and concepts into each session. We encourage the children to be polite and say good morning to the people we meet , who are always interested in what we are up to. We also meet regular faces on our way, regular dog walkers and the train driver, and Lifeboat station staff.     We have our regular base camps, which we access for different activities and snack times. We have our weekly beach clean before we start each session, learning about “natural” and pollution” and the different types of rubbish we find. Using vocabulary such as recycling, pollution and plastic. We will continue to learn more vocabulary, like “habitat”, “environment”, “foraging” to help the children learn more about the beach and how we can take care of it for the future, which sits well with our “Eco-School” project. We will be starting to learn more about the identification of species, shells, plants and birds. When you are out and about try to encourage your child to be curious and wonder what things are that they see in the environment. There is a great App that is very useful for identifing plants and wildlife when you are out and about Try “SEEK”. and a website called Beach stuff that is really user friendly and helpful.

Beach School Groups

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 Please can I Remind you that the children need to be appropriately dressed for these session, and have their own NAMED hats, gloves, welly socks and scarves, and changes of clothes in their peg bags. The children wear all weather suits to the beach, so their coat needs to be warm BUT NOT padded and bulky as they then can’t move freely and comfortably. Girls need to be in trousers, not dresses as this is more, comfy and practical in their suits.
If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and Iwill do my best to answer your queries.
Anne Swindlehurst Beach School Co-Ordinator