Newsletter January 2018

St Thomas’ Nursery Newsletter

This letter is already three weeks into the new term but we would all like to wish you a


 and say a big thank you for all the lovely cards and presents you gave us for Christmas! We would also like to welcome all our new little squirrels who have joined us this term.

School Dinersplease make sure your child’s lunch is in a proper lunch bag. We are unable to fit rucksacks and huge boxes in the fridge as sometimes we have up to 30 lunches!!

Wear PINK for Cancer – we will be having a pink day at nursery on Thursday 8th and Friday 10th February to raise money for Women V Cancer. I (Mrs Zeal) am doing a 100K bike ride round London during the night on Saturday 5th May with my daughter, Stephanie. We need to raise £400 so we are both doing something at our respective nurseries to go towards it. If you feel you would like to sponsor us we also have a just giving page which you can find by typing our names into the JustGiving site.  


Story Telling week – This is next week (W/C 29th January) and to celebrate this we are asking parents to come into nursery and read stories to the children. It is very informal with you finding a cosy spot and reading a book of your choice to children who are interested. If you feel this is something you would like to do please see a member of staff to sort a time.


WOW’s – we just want to remind parents that wows are something special. We want to encourage their use but they need to be given only when something really special happens otherwise they defeat the purpose and it becomes an expectation to get one daily, weekly etc. So please remember to use the WOW’s but don’t overuse J


Fees – There does not seem to be a lot of fees paid this term. At least half of fees owing need to be paid by half term. 9th February. If you need to see me about money please do so as soon as possible and we can sort any problems out. 


Attendance – Children need to attend the nursery regularly and we are finding some children are missing quite a lot of sessions. If you are finding you need to change sessions please come and see me and we can sort that out quite easily. We are quite flexible and will try and accommodate if possible.

Please let us know by telephone or text if your child is not able to attend nursery,


Uniform – please put your children in their uniform to come to nursery, especially if they are at beach school, visiting the care home or at church. We have plenty new uniform in stock and a few second hand items for £1.

Can I also remind parents that we recommend a dark coat for outside as the children play in mud and use paint which does not wash out easily. We try and use overalls but sometimes this does not happen.




Digger – If anyone would like digger for a sleep over on the weekend we can deliver him and collect on the Monday.


We break up from Nursery for a week on Friday 9th February.


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