Newsletter April 2018

Hello everyone,
This is just a brief newsletter to welcome everyone back to nursery, hoping everyone has had a pleasant break.
This terms focus for learning and development:-
• We have lots going on as normal, this term this will involve, lots of Springtime activities. We have our caterpillars arriving this week, so we can watch them grow, change and hatch into butterflies. We are also looking at other life cycles of other bugs too, exploring and investigating some of the bugs we find in our garden.
• We will be watching our birds starting to nest in the garden, as well as planting flowers and vegetables too. With this in mind, please, can I encourage parents to discourage the older children from playing on the flower beds, as we attempt to grow, seeds, plants and vegetables etc. Many Thanks! 😊
• We will also think about farming, farm animals, and the names of animals and their babies.
• Our Makaton sounds, this term will be linked to this subject too, (please look at our designated Makaton information board for the sign of the week). We are also learning to sign “Old MacDonald’s Farm”, together.
• We have a new (Bluebell) chicken, her name is, Dilly, she is settling in and finding her way around the garden. We were hoping to hatch out some eggs in an incubator this term, but we have had to postpone this for a later date.
Effective communication
We have been wondering for a long time, about how best to keep parents informed about what is happening, we often get an off-hand response to emails and posters on the doors don’t seem to be very effective, we do post lots of things on our nursery website too but not sure how well used this is either. Parents often seem unaware, sometimes, about what is going on at nursery, missing events and activities, therefore, we are all wondering about the best way to let everyone know what’s happening and would welcome your input into this to see if we can have better methods of communication in place. (We have 60+ children so it needs to be something practical).
So please return the tear-off slip, at the bottom of your paper copy of this newsletter in your child’s drawer, to share your ideas on this subject. In the interim, please can I urge you to check emails regularly to help keep you informed of nursery life.
Family Fun Friday
With the weather improving, we would like to reschedule our family event that we postponed from last term. The evening will involve lots of sporting and fun activities and as always it is a nice opportunity to meet other parents and mix with staff too. Watch this space for an up and coming date.

We would like to draw your attention to the new speech and language board, down in discovery area. There will be help and advice and an activity every week, if you would like further advice on this please talk to member of staff (in particular Miss Boothroyd).

We have a request from Mrs Reynolds, if anyone has any old photo frames, (without glass) that you no longer want we would be most grateful for them, as we have a project planned as well as old keys, chains, hooks and tools for Miss Slater and Mrs Kennedy (you would be amazed at what we make use of, its not just junk modelling we find useful, so think of us before you go to the tip 😉 ).

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