Beach school groups

Children are divided into groups for our weekly beach school sessions. Every child in the Owls group will go to the beach once every 3 weeks. The dates for these visits are listed below and the groups of children who will go on thoses sessions.

Friday group 

will visit on the 13th and 22nd September/ 10th October/ and December 1st

Olivia      Jaycee    Roseanna  Amelia

Ava-Rose   Mason    Luke    Holly Ethan,


Thursday  group

28th September,   9th October, 30th November

Evie   Memphis   Willow     Sophia

Ewan   Archie     Emilia


Tuesday Group

3rd October, 24th October/14th November/5th December

Zachary,  Alex,  Michael, Millie

Anna,   Ethan Leach, 



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