Beach school groups

Beach school and what it is all about!

When your child is an Owl (pre-School year), they will start to go on our regular beach school sessions. These are structured, planned and targeted sessions, with a qualified Beach school Practitioner. (Miss Swindlehurst), supported by staff and volunteers allowing us to have a 1-2 ratio to ensure the children are safe and also engage fully in the session to gain the most from the experience. All children hold hands with and adult on the walk to the beach, and we have several other safety elements in place too. The children and adults wear high vis jackets, and the children have safety wrist bands. We adhere to our outings policy and subsequent risk assessments taking with us mobile phones for emergencies and first aid kits too which ensures your child’s safety further. We follow a planned timetable of activities and always start with learning our “safe rules”.

We are a “Beach School” and invest in our beach school sessions. All the staff are committed to delivering quality interactions on the beach, as they do in the nursery environment. It is a lovely opportunity to take our learning experiences out into the local area to explore our environment further.

We focus initially on safety and listening skills, but then learn about the things we find, identifying object, taking an interest in tracks and holes anticipating “what made this mark or mound or hole” . We investigate the marsh pools, observe the birds and plants, identifying what we find with assorted research material. We have sessions where we make art, sculptures or patterns from the things we find. We make our own marks in the sand and decorate them. We consider how to make a campfire safely, have snacks and story time as well as adventures. In addition to this we do a daily beach clean before the session starts to encourage the children to understand about maintaining a healthy environment, respecting nature and safer use of equipment. We have a commitment to recycling and pollution and protecting our coastline and this is imbedded in every session. We discuss staying safe, learning about our emergency services and safety features of our coastline. Another aspect of our sessions is observing the beach buildings , architecture, monuments and signs, learning about history and local features. The children also love the physical challenges and freedom of the open spaces on the beach, climbing and exploring the dunes and paddling when the weather permits. We embrace all aspects of the beach and hope you will support this aspect of our practice.


Beach school is a very importantĀ  aspect of our nursery ethos, and we love our families to engage with us on this, if you can physically help to volunteer that is really useful, but if not, by just getting your child enthusiastic about the beach sessions, dressing them appropriately and comfortably making sure they are well equipped really helps them to have a comfortable and secure experience.

Beach sessions will take place onĀ  Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

These are the groups

Wednesday AM

Amelie, Marley, Edison , Toby, Saoirse, Amelie R,

Alishia, Felicity, Chloe Sienna, Josephine, Esma.

Thursday AM

Lily-Mae, Millie, Poppy, Mason, Matilda, Libby-May

Daniel, Eva, Henry, Alfie, Thomas, Hector.









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